Monday, January 6, 2014

It's a New Year

I am not the "blogging" type, so don't come to this blog thinking you will be enlightened by what I have to say :). I just want to share little snippets of our week with you. 

Firstly, I will update you on my decision to do away with Instagram and Facebook for a little while. I'm not sure how long, but I kind of see myself in the new "norm" without it sooner than I thought. When asked by many people who wanted to know why, this is what I shared-- 

In thinking about it, I thought back over the last year and just the time I spent on it. The bitterness and jealously and pride that crept in to my heart (don't make fun, but sometimes if someone didn't like my picture). I have had people come to me and ask why I didn't follow them, like it "meant" something just like I felt like likes "meant" something. 

I am convicted of the lack of communication between family and extended family. I often just leave it up to Facebook and Instagram to update them on life, and they've pretty much accepted that, but how much more a letter or a phonecall would mean to them. 

The amount of time I sit looking through it. How much when life is silent or still, I reach for it and it's only been 4 minutes since the last time I refreshed it, and no new posts ha. Instead of just being silent. 

And looking forward to what The Lord has to show me and teach me this year, and just trying to have one less filler of time and distraction that I can control.  

So... There it is. Nothing profound. And I do still go to my phone and look for my Instagram. But every time I do, I am reminded to either be productive and clean, spend time in the Word, spend time with my ALMOST ONE YEAR OLD 😩, or send someone a message or call them and see how they are doing. And it's been good. 

Here are a few pictures from this week. 

Molly had Josiah over for the day on Friday and she really enjoyed a playmate. 

She had black beans for the first time and absolutely loved them. Better her than me 😖

And the munchkin has been running a fever since Saturday at lunch. When the medicine isn't at its peak, her fever usually is, staying around 101-104. There has been more cuddling this weekend then there has been the last 11 months (which we are not complaining about, even at 3 in the morning). We took her to the Doctor today and she was negative for an ear infection, the flu, and strep. So we are going to keep using Tylonel and wait a few more days for it to go away. Until then, we cuddle and watch Curious George, thanks to Uncle A-Rod. 

Thanks for reading the blog and keeping up with sweet Molly. 

-- CaryAnne

Now therefore stand still and see this great thing that the LORD will do before your eyes. 1 Samuel 12:16