Thursday, December 29, 2011

Another month has come and gone...

We have had a pretty busy month since our last post.

The first weekend of December we took a trip with two couples from our Growth Group -- Shane and Alicia Shaddix and Cameron and Erica Keith. We rode down to Rock Hill, SC, which is where the Keiths are from, and spent a few days there. We left after everyone got off work that Thursday night and rolled in around 1am (to Steak 'n Shake). 

Friday and Saturday were spent relaxing, playing ping pong, watching football, and even playing some football. It was a lot of fun and was a good time for us all to spend together.

We've had several Imago Dei folks moving lately. In a span of seven days, we helped move four people/families out of and into apartments. It was really cool to see the people of Imago Dei living in community and serving each other when they were needed. That's just one more reason why I love this group of people.

Drew Raynor trying to make it all fit.

Since it is/was the Christmas season, Christmas parties were a regular occurrence for about three weeks straight. Between our two job parties, "launch team" church party, leadership church party, small group party, and I feel like I'm missing one, we had our fill of Christmas parties for the year. They were all a blast, though. 

On Christmas Eve, Imago Dei had a service at 6pm. Donnie led acoustic musical worship and Tony preached on Mary's song from Luke. As usual, we also read Scripture and took the Lord's Supper. It was a really good time of worship. CaryAnne had to work until 8pm, though, so she didn't make it. Fortunately, Tony and Kim had a lot of people over to their house afterward and she got to come there.

Speaking of Christmas, we had the Hollises, Britts, and Shane over Christmas morning for breakfast. None of us were going home to see family, and Shane's wife, Alicia, was working so we figured we might as well get together and hang out for a little while on Christmas morning. We are very thankful for our friends that we have up here.

The Rakes got Izzy a vest for Christmas. She loves it.

Imago Dei also hosted a Christmas Dinner on campus at NC State for people that weren't going home for Christmas. We expected a lot of international students, but there was also a good number of local students. I think it was a really good night and hope we get to go back and do it again sometime. From what I've heard, many people who were there got to talk with and share the Gospel with a lot of the students. Big thanks to Seth and Lauren Brown for coordinating it.

Now for some random stuff.

CaryAnne with the Andruskos' HUGE dog. She is biig.

Audrey Claire in Izzy's cage. It looks like Judah's taunting her.

Judah and Donnie playing "All My Fountains" -- Judah's favorite song.

Well, there's that. Hopefully that wasn't too long, but it probably was.

Since you're reading blogs, may I recommend one for you? My good friend, Cody Cunningham, has been tearing it up lately on his blog. You should check it out.

Also, in case you don't know, CaryAnne and I are going to Europe in February. I went on this trip last year with Pinelake Church and they've asked us both to go back with them this year. We are looking forward to it and would like to ask for prayer from you all. Pray that God would use us for His glory and that the people we interact with would see His love and grace in our lives and theirs.

Hey, since it's almost should come visit us!

"Christ lived the life we couldn't live, and He died the death we should have died."